Forfølger faderskab

For Alex og hans kone var det ikke let at blive den familie, de altid havde drømt om. Dette kom som et chok for dem begge. Alex deler det mandlige perspektiv af infertilitet og forældre til et donor undfanget barn. Han deler sine erfaringer åbent og ærligt på Instagram.

ART babies

Due to my studies as well as Covid-19, the blog has been way too quiet lately. I am sorry about that!However, there has been time for this small project that I now have the opportunity to share with you. I recently participated in an online interview about ART. Assisted reproductive technology (ART) is very common […]

To have a family

Emma Grønbæk

From time to time I have been asked about my thoughts on having a family my own. Asked if I’ve thought about it, in the context of being donor conceived. And of course, this is something I’ve been thinking about from time to time. In this post I will share some of my thoughts. Biology […]

Dr Larisa Corda

Recently i was invited to be Guest Author with Dr Larisa. I wrote I bit about my experience as donor conceived. The post is called; “How I felt growing up as a donor child”.The webside has informations on everything regarding fertility, health and pregnancy and is definitely worth a read. Cryos symposium interview – Watch […]


This is my first blog post, where I share negative emotions associated with being a donor child. The post is about how I have sometimes felt lonely. I was the world’s most wanted child. My parents struggled for 6 years to have me, and I was a little miracle. The last egg, which had been […]

The Family Concept

In light of the tragic events the recent days, I remind myself to be thankful for me and my family. Family is something that has always been there. You can easily forget to appreciate it until you lose it or can’t start one yourself. Is blood in fact thicker than water? I am interested in […]

Anonymous vs Open

There is a lot of debate whether it should still be possible to make use of anonymous sperm donors in Denmark. In this post, I will share my thoughts and experiences. I am a child of an anonymous sperm donor, as there were no other options when i was conceived. Anonymous = Bad  The general […]

The blank spots

I have chosen to write this blog post around the blanks. With this I mean things that I cannot answer or know anything about because I do not know anything about my donor. These are small things that have played a part in my life.

He helped us become a family

I have spoken several times in my speeches about my donor as “a nice man” and I will now explain. I don’t know if it’s something you’ve noticed at all, or have been wondering. In any case, it is quite deliberately, as it is exactly how I think of him. When I had just been […]