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Emma Grønbæk


Looking for expert advice on fertility issues?
As a registered nurse with over five years of experience in the field of fertility, I offer one-on-one consultations to guide you through your journey.

As a donor-conceived individual, I understand the complexities of navigating identity and fertility issues. My personalized consultations provide expert advice based on my personal experience and research, whether you need help exploring your donor origins, fertility treatments, or just need someone who understands your unique perspective.

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Share your journey

Do you want to share your fertility journey with others who are going through similar struggles? I’m here to help you. I offer personalized consultations to address your specific concerns and provide expert advice on your fertility journey.

If you’d like to share your story with me or with others, please send us an email. Let’s help each other and create awareness about infertility issues.

I believe in the power of personal stories and I would love to share more of them with our community. Together, we can break down the stigma surrounding fertility issues and help others who are facing similar challenges.