I want to focus on makeing room for different attitudes and perspectives in all respects. I think it is important that you can express your views and say what you think. That people then disagree and argue for something else is of course perfectly acceptable!

Do you disagree ? In this blogpost, I would like to bring attention to making room for different attitudes and perspectives with respect for each other. I think it’s important that you can express yourself and your opinions. That people then disagree and argue something else is, of course, totally acceptable.

Since I started to share my story i have experienced a lot of really positive feedback. It means an awful lot when people write me and share their thoughts and concerns. Please continue!

However, there are also many who disagree with some of the things I think and argue. It is again fully understandable and perfectly fine that they have another opinion.
My problem is when people think it is wrong that I am happy to be a donor child of an anonymous sperm donor. Trying to convince me that it’s wrong to feel that way. And that there are many who do not feel like me and therefore i should not go out and tell that i am satisfied with my situation.

I am not trying to tell anyone that they should be happy to be a donor child if they are not! I just tell you what I do and how I feel myself. That some people then tries to impose on me that it is a horrible thing, is in my opinion unacceptable.

My prayer is; Let us talk about things in a proper way, without pointing fingers at each other. There is not just one answer on how to become or be a family. But let us discuss it properly!

Love and good karma


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