All about Fertility

My name is Emma Groenbaek, and I am 23 years old. I am studying to be a nurse in Aarhus, Denmark where I was also born and raised. My parents struggled to have children as many others do. They tried for 6 years with different kinds of fertility treatments and had given up hope, but one day suddenly I was on the way. Today they have 3 daughters..

I feel very normal and a have great relationship with both my parents. I am just as connected to my dad as the rest of the family and we always have a great time. He loves a cup of coffee at a café and here we have many great talks.
I feel pretty lucky that I got to be a part of his life. He waited for me for 6 years and has loved me from the second I was born. He is always there for me, and that is why he will always be my dad.

Thank you

It makes me so happy that people want to follow my blog. I was never sure that my experiences would have any interest to other people, but it has been so well received! 

Please always feel free to contact me!