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Donor Child

Welcome to my page! My name is Emma Grønbæk and I am a donor conceived child. On this page, I share my thoughts and experiences as donor conceived from now and earlier in life. I post about advice, collaborations and much more. On my page you also find the opportunity to buy my book; Donor child - a child of love. 

Emma Grønbæk

My book

Emma Grønbæk - Donorbarn Et Ønskebarn

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Donor Child -
A Child of love

I would like to share my story of being donor conceived. I am a nurse and during my studies it dawned on me that me and my family's experiences with sperm donation might benefit others. That is the reason for both this blog and my book.

My Blog

Egg donation & a dream of motherhood

En personlig fortælling om oplevelsen af, hvordan grænsernes rykkes og følelserne løber af med en under et forløb i fertilitetsbehandling. Læs hvordan Becky og Matt’s 5 år i IVF behandling resulterede i ægdonation og 3 dejlige piger.

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Pursuing fatherhood

For Alex and his wife, it was not easy to become the family they had always dreamed of. This came as a shock to both of them. Alex shares the male perspective of infertility and parents of a donor conceived child. He shares his experiences openly and honestly on Instagram.

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Sperm donation in Denmark

What is important for Danish sperm donors? Compensation, trust, and relationships are in focus in the project I just wrote as a conclusion to my education as a nurse.

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About me

Hi! I am Emma and I'm 24 years old and a donor conceived child. I have a mother and a father and two sisters. And then I have 50% genetics from an anonymous sperm donor out there somewhere. Since I was a child, have been open about my story. Now I have chosen to share my story publicly as it is positive and full of hope.


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