Donor child – A wish child

Emma Green
Donor Child
Donor child is about my own upbringing as a donor child. My whole story – from my parents' long struggle to create a family, to my teenage thoughts about being a donor child. The book also includes experts with advice and knowledge about fertility and donor children.
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I want to share my story about being a donor child. I am a nurse and during the study I realized that my experience and that of my family might benefit others.

Today, my parents have three children, all of whom have come into the world through fertility treatments.
Like many Danish couples, they had difficulty having children. Up to every 10. child comes into the world using fertility treatments.

I have invited leading Danish doctors and psychologists to put my personal story into perspective with their knowledge of fertility treatment, donor choice, relationships and family life.
Read the book as a kick-in to the debate about the use of donors and what it can mean for children coming out of fertility treatments with donors.

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