Focus on Donor Conception

It has been some time since I have posted now. This is due to my time being spend on a lot of different projects. Projects which I am very excited to reveal, and hopefully soon! 

Why is it important? 

I have asked myself on this matter a few times. Why is it important for me to spread my knowledge and put focus on donor conceived children?

For me, it is important to focus on both donor children, donors and the different family constellations that has appeared as a result of the possibility of using a donor when having children. It is important to me as I know that most people find it a big but also an incredibly difficult decision. A decision often associated with many emotions and countless thoughts. Therefore, from the outset, my drive has been to share knowledge and experience in which others can hopefully find support. 
I therefore love every time I receive messages from people out there who have read my thoughts and experiences and managed to use them in their own lives. Either as an idea for a new action or simply as a support when the doubt arises. Please, keep writing me! 

Another fokus I’ve found is knowledge. As donor children are still a relatively new phenomenon, it is a topic where there is a big lack of knowledge. 
However, I experience that it is a topic people often have a position on and like to say about. 
I am very much in favour of an open debate and room for disagreement. I believe, however, that we should also have a bit of knowledge about the things we argue about. With lack of knowledge and a still great lack of experience combined with a bit of taboo, this is easier said than done. 
I hope, therefore, that my openness can contribute to a bit of knowledge and experience on this topic. 
Therefore, it also makes me incredibly happy that recently have been contacted for answers to questions and interviews etc. I am delighted that people are curious, interested and open to the subject. 

However, people are not always positive about my perception of being a donor child. Read also my blog post; Disagree or not

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