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DONOR CHILD - A LONG-AWAITED CHILD OF LOVE is a book written by Emma Grønbæk. The book is about coming into the world through fertility treatments.

The book invites leading Danish doctors and psychologists to put my personal story in perspective with their knowledge of fertility treatment, choice of donor, relationships and family life.
Read the book as a kick in the debate about donor use and what it can mean for the children coming out of fertility treatments with the donor.


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Sperm donation in Denmark

Hvad har betydning for de danske sæddonorer? Kompensationer, tillid, og relationer er i fokus i det projekt jeg netop har skrevet som afslutning på min uddannelse til sygeplejerske.

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Er du donorbarn?

Are you a donor child?

I am in favor of enlightenment, but on this subject it is still sparse. That is why I very much support projects that can make us all a little wiser about our experiences and experiences as donor children.

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Kan vi droppe politikken for en stund?

Can we drop the policy for a while?

First of all, it is important for me to say that everything I do is not with a political perspective. What drives me is the same thing that drives me as a nurse, namely caring for others and the desire to help and, at times, a little naive, hopefully make a difference.

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