Sperm donation in Denmark

What is important for Danish sperm donors? Compensation, trust, and relationships are in focus in the project I just wrote as a conclusion to my education as a nurse.

The UN has set 17 world goals for sustainable development, with the third goal focusing on promoting health and well-being. It states that by 2030, universal access to sexual and reproductive health services, including family planning, information and education, and the integration of reproductive health must be ensured. When there is to be universal access to reproductive health services by 2030, various factors will affect the demand for sperm donors. Therefore, it is incredibly important to cherish the donors who show community spirit and help other people fulfill the dream of a family. Society can contribute by trying to make their conditions as ideal as possible.

The last few months I have been in full swing with my Bachelor. A bachelor who also ended up being a bit about sperm donation. In the project, we have worked to find out how nurses can ensure the best possible conditions in the sperm bank. We have taken as our starting point the relationship between nurse and donor, in order to investigate which areas are most important to the donors. In the process, we interviewed 3 sperm donors who have been active donors for at least one year. Here it was clear that money was a great incentive to begin with, but that this changed during their course. Where the desire to help childless couples over time became more significant than the compensation. We saw that the donors make many considerations about the involvement of their network. They most often involve those where the donation may have an impact. They generally do not tell much about their work to anyone, as they experience stigma from society and often come face to face with negative reactions. Donors point out that stigma often arises because the population lacks information that sperm donation is about more than just money. Another significant finding we made was that the foundation of the good relationship arises when there is trust between donor and nurse, and precisely the good relationship creates a basis for good cooperation. 

All in all, it has been an exciting process, with many relevant findings and considerations. Generally a topic that I personally do not think has been adequately researched. That stigma emerged was no surprise, but how honest is that. I cross my fingers that the future will bring increased attention and less stigma!  

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Sperm donation in Denmark

What is important for Danish sperm donors? Compensation, trust, and relationships are in focus in the project I just wrote as a conclusion to my education as a nurse.

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