Thank you very much!

I am completely overwhelmed by all the positive response I have received the past few days! You guys have been incredibly positive about my blog. You’ve actually been much better than expected. I was expecting more criticism because of the very sensitive subject I am writing about. But I have been greeted only by joy, interest and gratitude. 

I have received messages and comments from both parents and donor children. Primarily from people in Denmark but also other countries like Norway and Poland. My impression is that it is nice to get an insight into my thoughts and gain a more positive perspective on life as a donor child. 

I just want to say a thousand thanks for your support, and the way you have welcomed my blog. 

It makes so much sense to share with you guys. I have been wondering if it had any interest to blog about this subject and if people would benefit from it. I’ve been confirmed. 

I have been asked to write about my life in primary school, as some of the parents who commentet, have donor children of their own who are close to school age. I will write about when and what part of my life in the school years it made a difference to me. The post will be up in the near future. 

To all of you who have experiences, thoughts or generally have questions about being a donor child. You are more than welcome to write to me, either on Facebook, in a comment or on my email:
I promise to answer and possibly make a new post about this if i think others can benefit from it as well.  

In conclusion, I would like to say thank you again and have a nice evening to everyone out there. I am delighted that people will help spread the happier storys of donor children.  

Hug Emma

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