To explain my donor conception to me early in life, my parents made this amazing book!

My most important piece of advice for recipient parents is to tell early and maybe make a book to explain to the child their conception story from early age. Here I show and explain the one my parents made me that made to understand my conception.

How to talk to your child and when? This is one of the questions im asked the most from recipient parents. My answer is always to tell early. My parents used a book to explain my story to me which turned out to be such a great resource for both me and them. They had something to navigate from and something to help them start the conversation. And I understod more and more being told the same story over and over agian being able to ask questions when i understood something new.

Often the parents need som practise telling too and a book makes that a bit less frightning.

A while back I did an Instagram Live with the book my parents made me. This book is one of my best pieces of advice i can give and i hope that showing it can inpire others to do something similar.

Watch the full video on my instagram @donorchild

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