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DONOR CHILD - A child of love

Learn more about life as a donor child, relationships, sexuality, and openness in the family. Infertility can feel incredibly lonely and this book is generated for the purpose of support and information regarding this sensitive topic.

In this book, you will meet me, Emma, and my family. I share my story of being a donor child, how it has impacted my life, my parents’ involuntary childlessness, and how we have dealt with donor conception in my family. Against the advice from doctors, my parents choose from the beginning to tell me the truth about the help they had received to become a family. Today, my parents have three children, all of whom have come into the world through fertility treatments. Our story is not unique. Many couples worldwide have difficulty having children and this means that up to every 10th child is born with the help of fertility treatments. I have invited leading Danish specialists to put my personal story in perspective with their knowledge of fertility treatment, choice of donor, relationships and family life. Read the book as a impute on the debate regarding donor use and how it can influence children who are conceived through fertility treatments with donor conception.


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