Discover the Benefits of Fertility Physiotherapy for Improved Reproductive Health

Fertility physiotherapy is Anne Sofie’s field of expertise. Her intention is to help and guide patients in physiotherapy regarding female mechanical infertility and explain why this might appear.

Anne Sofie Nielsen is a specialist in fertility physiotherapy. As a physiotherapist at GynOb and co-owner of Fertilitetsfysio and Klinik Underværk in Aarhus, Denmark, her goal is to assist and guide patients experiencing female mechanical infertility.

Fertility physiotherapy helps address mechanical dysfunctions in the reproductive organs that can hinder pregnancy. Manual techniques, exercise therapy, training guidance, and laser therapy are used to optimize conditions in the abdomen and promote reproductive organ function.

Mechanical infertility can be caused by scar tissue from surgeries or infections, endometriosis, or stress and muscle tension. The physiotherapy course is personalized based on patient symptoms and experiences, including pain, abnormal bleeding, and disruptions in bladder and digestion function.

Mental support towards pregnancy and improved body awareness are also a focus of the treatment. Conversations and exercises help manage the fertility process, reduce stress, and re-establish body connection. Contact us to learn more or for a referral to a skilled colleague.

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