By Emma Grønbæk

Donor Child

Welcome to my page! My name is Emma Grønbæk and I am donor conceived. On this page, I share my thoughts and experiences as donor conceived from now and earlier in life. I post about advice, collaborations and much more. 

On my page there is also the opportunity to buy my book; Donor child – a child of love

Emma Grønbæk

My Book

Emma Grønbæk - Donorbarn Et Ønskebarn


Donor child - a child of love

I would like to share my story of being donor conceived. I am a nurse and during my studies it dawned on me that me and my family’s experiences with sperm donation might benefit others; therefore this blog, my IG and my book.

MY Blog

How to be proactive regarding male fertility

Getting proactive about fertility all starts with getting to know your body – and that goes for people of all genders!
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About me

Hi! My name is Emma and I’m  a donor conceived individual. I was born in 1996 and I have both a mother and a father. Also I have two younger twin sisters (ICSI).
Since I was a child I have been very open about my conception story. My story is positive and full of hope – I now share this with all of you, hoping that it can comfort a soul or two.


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