Getting proactive about fertility all starts with getting to know your body - and that goes for people of all genders! Improve your chances of conceiving by understanding your fertility health and get advice from Exseeds fertility experts

Thanks to periods, most women have a monthly reproductive health marker that can help them spot fertility issues ahead of time. However, for men, the signs aren’t always that clear – and any issues with their fertility often only come to light if they start struggling to conceive 

A sperm analysis is always the best way to get a read on male fertility, but often a trip to the clinic is not top of people’s to-do lists. But could at-home sperm tests be the answer to helping men take a more proactive approach to their fertility? 

ExSeed has created a medical-grade at-home sperm test that can give you an early indication of how many sperm cells you have and how motile they are. This amazing piece of tech is delivered to your door and you can get the results in minutes through your mobile phone. Still, need convincing? Here are just a few of the benefits of taking sperm tests into your own hands. 

Help you get ahead of the fertility game 

Many couples don’t want to visit a fertility clinic unless they’ve been trying for a while – which is understandable. Even couples with optimum fertility can take up to 12 months to conceive naturally. Just because you don’t get pregnant straight away, doesn’t always mean there’s a problem. However, a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to these things is always going to benefit your chances of conceiving in the future!

In many cases, knowledge is power when it comes to a fertility journey and there’s a whole host of benefits to understanding your sperm health ahead of time. If your sperm cells are a little slow or depleted, you can make lifestyle changes that will improve your chances of conception. Sperm regenerates around every 72 days, so you can make big changes over a couple of months, once you know what needs to be done. If there are more serious issues at play, you have time to research fertility treatments and get your head around the potential new game plan. 

Sperm testing is a great way to take that first step in understanding your fertility. Even couples who are a year or two away from trying, can benefit from tests to get ahead of the curve – and feel more positive and in control because of it! 

Can calm your nerves! 

Let’s face it, with the Winter months coming, we would all rather snuggle up at home than venture outside! A home sperm test lets you get a headstart on your fertility journey from the comfort of your own home – no face mask, train ticket, or awkward conversations required. Delivered in a slick, discreet box and paired with their cutting-edge app, checking out your sperm health is now as easy as ordering Saturday night take out! 

Whilst there shouldn’t be any shame in sperm samples – and how you give one, for most guys, masturbating in a doctor’s office is not the ideal way to spend a Thursday afternoon and can be a bit uncomfortable. Doing the test at home helps to remove some of the embarrassment you might be feeling. 

Being in your own space, where you can relax, and have your partner around for moral support, can be a much better experience – especially if you’re feeling nervous. 

Many men dread chatting through their results with a stranger, in what could be an emotionally vulnerable situation. It might also be the first time you’re hearing words like ‘morphology’ and ‘motility’ – so it can be a lot to take in. Having a clear and concise breakdown of your sperm health in the palm of your hand means you can take things at a pace that suits you. You have time to digest results on your own, get familiar with the medical jargon, and then decide how and if you want to reach out for support – on your terms. 

You can access instant advice and support 

If you decide you need advice on improving your sperm health, the ExSeed experts are on hand to help. Straight after your results, you’ll get access to free personal guides and lifestyle programs that are tailored to your results and a quick questionnaire you’ll complete. Whether it’s quitting smoking, changing your diet or stepping up your exercise routine, the guides will point you in the right direction and save you time trawling through a million ‘sperm health improvement’ blogs. 

If you want some more clarification on your results or simply fancy a chat with an expert who gets your concerns – you can do that too. Simply book in for a free phone consultation or access the anonymous online chat – whatever makes you most comfortable. 

Unlike regular sperm tests, the whole interaction can be accessed via the app at a time, place and pace that works for you – and the process can move seriously fast. If you’re keen to kickstart your fertility journey, you could do the test, get your results, and be making healthy lifestyle changes based on expert advice, within the hour. 

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