I'm interested in the concept of family. What is a family and who is a part of it? What does it take to call yourself a family and how much does biology mean in relation to emotions?

In light of the tragic events the recent days, I remind myself to be thankful for me and my family.

Family is something that has always been there. You can easily forget to appreciate it until you lose it or can’t start one yourself.

Is blood in fact thicker than water?

I am interested in the concept of family. What is a family and who is part of it? What does it take to call it a family and does biology define a family?

Today there are traditional nuclear families, solo mothers, 2 moms or dads, rainbow families, families where children are adopted, families with foster children and many more..
The list is long, but how is a family defined today?

A quick Google search provided the following

A family is a group of individuals who are mainly united through kinship – both biologically and through marriage.

For example, from a social anthropological point of view, the family has both biological and social functions:
-reproduction, the production of survivors and the continuation of the genus.
-Socialization, the family gives the children the basic Education and lecturing them on the norms of society.

In many ways, I think it is a very old-fashioned family view. Today i couldn’t say that the consisting of biology and kinship was what made family.
In fact, the word family comes from Latin and means household, which includes all those living under the same roof. Perhaps we should go back to this definiton. To me it sounds more realistic.

What makes a family in your opinion?

To me, family is more emotions than biology. I may not share biology with everyone in my family, but in my heart they are 110% my family. Biology plays no part her and I love them very much. I do not tell them often enough, but today I will remember to do so!

Do you remember telling your family that you love them? It is so important both to yourself and them. You never know what tomorrow brings and it can never be said too much.

Love From me – Emma

Also read the paper The Blank Spots where I write about genetics and to look like his family-click here

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